Monday, 30 April 2012

With the colder weather, and our bodies adjusting to the Swazi climate, we ventured into town at the beginning of last week to purchase a new blanket so we could attempt to stay warm at night. We found a blanket that is thick and cozy and covered in a beautiful animal print (it was that or flowers and we're not into floral decor), anyways it turns out the blanket came just in time. Arlyn spent most of last week feeling sick and our new blanket is Arlyn's new best friend! Unfortunately Arlyn's been having fevers and spends much of his day covered in the blanket shivering or else he's sweating. He's started taking antibiotics for tick bite fever and was able to rule out malaria today so we're hoping and praying he'll be restored to full health soon. The children at the children's home are on school holidays so Arlyn hasn't had to take me there, so in an effort of looking at the positive I'm thinking that this was a good time for him to be sick but I'm definitely looking forward to having him back to normal which will hopefully be very soon.

Brian and I were able to meet with someone from the education board last week and talk about the possibility of starting to do some preschool activities with the children in the community Brian is building in. There are many steps to be completed to start working with children here and we are eager to follow the traditional laws and not offend. Wanting to help and not offend the traditional systems here means we have to be patient.

We are continuing to wait on news about Brian's land and continuing to trust that God will use this whole situation for His glory.


  1. We are just getting caught up here! I don't know how we missed the other postings. It is simply gorgeous...Caleb Mackenzy LOVED looking at photos you and a "bushy" Arlyn. LOL! :) We also all loved seeing the beautiful happy you can be involved in the school in some capacity. Praying that Arlyn is well soon. Hugs from the Eisenbarts!
    xoxo Sara and Caleb Mackenzy

  2. We will pray that Arlyn feels better soon (for his sake and for your's- we know how 'good' of a patient he is! :)) We will also pray for patience as you wait for progress in building and land issues.
    Hopefully we can skype one day soon so that you can meet your new niece. She is a delight! :) Are you able to see pictures on facebook? I'll post some mores this week...

    Lots of love!
    Kara and Family